The Bridge Room (WIP)

Inspired by Architectural Fantasy drawings of the 17th and 18th centuries, this room of monumental architectural pillars provides a challenge.  Can you find your way from one end to the other? (note: this is a WIP - expect it to have more to it soon!)

The URL: https://atlas.sansar.com/experiences/whystler/the-bridge-room


The above was changed from Original Post, but here is the old one for posterity:

Monumental Architectural Fantasy (WIP)

I'v been looking at a lot of Architectual Fantasy lately... Piranesi, Bibiena, Escher, Desmezieres, Trignac, are some artist names in the business of creating amazing large scale concepts.

So I thought I might work on something - here is the start of it.  It's all one texture at the moment, but it came out quite nicely in Sanar.


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