MOTION SICKNESS and having a nose

I have heard of a study that in VR like in real life, when you have a fixed object in front of you, like the dashboard of your car, or you screen, that this reduces motion sickness (for the ones who suffer from this) Now appearently the same is achieved by rendering a NOSE in VR view. Appearently the testers did not even realize they suddenly HAD a nose in VR, but it did help agains motion sickness! And it is natural! We have NOSES in RL, they are in our field of view, even though blurred becaue they are so close, but nobody has thought about adding them in VR! so this may be an easy to develop and very useful feature to try out!

ah found one article: https://www.wired.com/2015/04/reduce-vr-sickness-just-add-virtual-nose/ 


just a few things I found on this..


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