Broken content - Avatar Props

With the latest release avatar attachments uploaded prior to the September 8th release, are now broken.

The following post offers the work around we were using to have the attachments attach correctly to the avatar.


With the September 8th update we encountered a new problem. The following post shows what we discovered to correct that problem.


With the October 31st update those props that were uploaded before the September 8th update no longer attach correctly. The props now lay on the floor behind the avatar.

At first, I thought this was a Blender specific issue; however, during yesterday's community meetup several of us discovered that the issue affects those that were created in Maya and 3DsMax as well. It seems this only affects items uploaded prior to September 8th.

It wouldn't be much of an issue if we could upload without the current size restraints and could also update products in the store; however, neither of these are possible as things stand now. So customers have broken content and we have no way to fix it for them.

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