Bizarre - a humble contribution to Halloween

With the "Bizarre" experience i bring my 5 cents contribution to the halloween.

I consider myself as a mid-level programmer. Not a builder, not a mesher, not a VR-er, not an expert in anything. Just started learning all the trickiness still about mesh objects and how to script them.

The Bizarre experience is mostly build on freebies from the Sansar store (a sincere THANK YOU to all creators that offer their products there for free), brought to live (more or less) with my scripts, and spiced with darkness and surprises.

I would like to invite everyone to visit, to search and find your way through the village, and of course i wish you a save return home to a rain of golden coins.

Don't expect the perfect goose skin here, but maybe i can produce a smile on your face during the journey. Enjoy!

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