New Halloween experience: Subway Nightmare

Alfy and I have been working very hard this past month to bring out our best contributions to the Halloween contest. I split my time between Jasmine's (Miner Difficulties) and Alfy's "The Subway Nightmare":


Alfy has been a top notch mesh designer in Second Life for over a decade and is known for creating realistic virtual animals there.

Alfy really flexed his design muscles in creating this new scene for the contest. Having lived for years in the New York City area, I can vouch for the realism of the subway station's style. And while NYC is full of weirdos, you won't find many quite as weird as the ones you'll find in this scene.

Most of them move around, which is innovative. They rely on the Clockworks system. We decided to give this a whimsical It's a Small World animated feel, overall, but the real star is the Zanzar monster.

This lumbering giant shows off two key innovations that you won't find anywhere else among Sansar's Halloween experiences. First, its 31 separate pieces are all animated by Clockworks, which gives it its smoothly continuous walking motions. Second, Zanzar and many other monsters take advantage of my new "dolly" system that moves them all around the complex scene along invisible tracks. These feature fixed waypoints and smooth Bezier curves, giving them lifelike (death-like?) movements. And whereas most mesh animations you'll see in Sansar right now stay in one place or move in tight loops that take them through walls and obstacles, these monsters follow the uneven ground through many twists and turns. Zanzar even stomps his way right over a truck.

The laughing skulls waft airily through the halls and stairways of the subway using the same technologies. The flying witch deftly navigates around signs and buildings as she terrorizes.

Come see Alfy's beastly bestiary. You may find some familiar friends and funny surprises. Be sure to share with all your friends, too. Cheers.


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