Speculation on features related to supply chain

At a recent product meeting, Bjorn mentioned the "supply chain economy" in relation to a bug that cropped up. His comments made me realize that a bunch of features that we have been pining for are tied up in what I'll just call "supply chain". In this case, the key concept behind supply chain is enabling us to create and sell things using parts from other creators and ensuring that every contributor gets paid.

I asked Bjorn if he was targeting 2017 to release some of the first supply chain features. He responded he was targeting March or April (2018).

The bug he was speaking of related to items you purchase from the Store and try to put scripts in. The relationship should be obvious: the owner of a product you buy may be able to grant other people permission to modify by, say, adding scripts.

Or linking things together. Are you annoyed that we can't do this right now? It might not be that LL is just oblivious to the obvious value of doing this. Instead, it may be that they don't want to give us this ability, only to take it away in the future when they give creators the ability to deny assembly permissions.

Same with taking collections of objects, linked or not, into inventory. Doing so has permissioning ramifications. Especially since the next thing we would demand is the ability to sell those collections of things in the Store.

Another thing we've asked for is the ability for scripts to accept money and, of course, give customers objects they paid for. Once again, this has permissioning ramifications. Related to that is the ability for users to simply give copies of things to other people.

Selling whole experiences just screams "supply chain", too. You shouldn't be able to buy a house in the store, plop it down on an experience, and then sell 100 copies of your experience without paying the house's creator their cut for the 100 copies distributed.

So my prediction is that all these features are likely to come with or after the first supply chain release sometime in the second quarter of 2018, including linking objects, inventory transfer, scripted objects accepting payments, selling of linked objects or groups of loose objects, and selling experiences.

Are there other feature requests you can think of that probably have supply chain as a prerequisite?


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