The importance and differences bewteen being a business owner and a game service provider

I was not sure if to post this in general discussion or feature request, but then decided for the former as features are all about policy.

It is crude ugly and definitely sounds nasty to know, but the reality is that a business owner is a dictator.

Business owner has the justified and sacred right to dictate anything in his business .

He has the right to tell when employees must come to work, when to take a break, how to dress, how to perform, he has the right to choose how your desk is, or shoes to wear the craziest things you can thing of, the business owner has the right to dictate those as long of course he abides by the law.

A Service Provider has a boss as well, and many employee and can dictate just the same.


A service provider or an Boss, cannot dictate anything to its clients.

Computers  are all about performance, the first computers where build during the second world war in order to be able to calculate the next attacks over Britain faster than what a massive room of women specialized in decoding could ever dream of handling.

The GAMING INDUSTRY depends on performance, not in the sense of the service provider dictating what he wishes the performance to be but what the demand of the client is.

Gamers want MORE and more , gamers want look for the real thing, that game that will make what they do feel real no matter what time in history the game is ambiented in, no matter how realistic for fantasy it is.....the more fantasy there is in a game the more gamers want it to be as if it is the real deal.

A game engine success depends on the ability to allow the game developer to have unlimited capabilities, and with them year on year make more and more compute demanding titles to satifsy the gamer need for the real deal..

The decline of SL has been in a big part affected by the limitations of LSL, to the extent that it is very very veeeeery hard to find programmers coding anything for  SL unless it is not HTTP data base stuff like eg casper vendor or similar....

I have been participating in the SL Animesh meetings with the Lindens, a feature that  is a great opportunity for SL to step up a massive leap forward, and redesign from lods to a lot of other features so long asked for...eg, bigger textures, control over animations speed, etcetc.

Now instead it apparently seems that it has been dictated to keep a very low  poly size policy for animesh, way lower than what regular mesh can be imported at, prioritizing for  avatars to be able to wear more animesh items adding up to lots of triangles, rather  than prioritizing  flora fauns, animated mechanical engineered items , flags curtains sails, etcetc.

The logic behind this is to try to make it so that low end old computer clients to be able to run SL anywhere rather than moving on into what gamers want, and making a self sustainable scalable platform...

The limit dictated is so much , that  in My opinion Animesh itself is almost a total waste of time project, for what it would be truly be able and capable of.

I have no doubt that if animesh had a triangles limit just as any other mesh at least, which is already low, but still reasonable.

Animesh for SL is more important than non deformable mesh, and than bento avatars , because it allows to bring life to the simulators  with tons of animals plants even grass ...it allows to make amazing theater shows without  needing a single client acting in it..the sky is the limit for SL with Animesh.


Now why do I bring  dictated awful Animesh SL limitations in a Sansar forum?!

The answer is extremely simple....You cannot put one foot in 10 shoes or try to eat from all plates.

Sansar from the sentiment among its content creators and as in general is that Sansar has just too many limits, poorly featured in many areas where We can safely say that the main dictating policy is limiting, limitations, and allowing to get people with obsolete hardware to play on Sansar....just as it is in SL.

Ok nice, yes lets be nice and yes lets make it so tha anyone can come on and play a game.....I just saw a SL profile of a person, who said...I do not buy a bento head because it is too expensive...I asked her if 25 dollars is too much she said yes...I asked if if she has a SL home she said no.

You can offer a game for free, just as war thunder and then make the platform so nice that anyone would be willing to spend at least 40 50 euros for some time to get upgrades.

You can charge eg 9.99 euro and make a shorter but state of the art game. so that  many gamers will see it worth and affordable to buy.

Games cost money, the better they are the more people will spend for them....even kids with  nintendo products cost few hundred dollars a year to their parents.

Sansar is  platform for PC gaming...SL as well.....game developers and content creators create products where the limits are less so t satisfy and  delight the client.

Now You can make really awesome stuff with limits....but that same awesome stuff you can do in very limited platforms can be done as well in a less limited platform while  other complex and realistic products that generate entertainment and income cannot be done on a limited and poorly featured  platform.

So My feature request is, stop prioritizing consumers that run on old hardware that do NOT generate income and increase economy, but stay in line with technology innovation and help us satisfy those consumers that do  enjoy to pay for something to play with and that they can say wow...in SL and on Sansar.

I end by saying that BY NO mean i am criticizing development, developers have only two hands and a Platform lie Sansar or SL is really not easy to develop...however, please think of NOT giving limits and seeing how to make that possible, rather than keeping this making  exaggerated limiting policy that help no other than freeloaders that for too many years have never wanted to spend a dime on a new gaming computer.

I wish to add, that I would be extremely glad if Linden Lab made big campaigns  and lotteries to gift residents in SL and on Sansar with state of the art gaming computers, and why not bring in sponsors...it will make people more aware about hardware and creators develop for gaming computers rather than old laptops owned by 50 60 year old chat clients living in the glorious past.



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