Trigger Volume Help?

I'm confused with Trigger Volumes. I'm able to use Galen's scripts like bump to activate doors, or moving objects, but for the life of me, I can't get a Trigger Volume to do anything other than the sample chat script. For instance, if I want to use one of Galen's door scripts...I usually add a bump to a floor tile, then the door script obviously, to do a door. I'm sure it's me not getting it, but I put Galen's bump script onto a Trigger Volume (so I don't have to use a floor tile), but it seems to have no effect on whatever it's trying to talk to (door opening, position toggle, etc..). Any clue what I'm doing wrong? Thanks


Edit: Nevermind - after further exploring, I found Galen's Trigger Volume script for the actual Trigger Volume object. As always, thanks for this, Galen! 




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