FEATURE REQUEST : Atlas - Opening and Closing the Atlas using a 360 controller

Please can u impliment the ability to open the atlas with a 360 controller button such as cursor down key for example and then to be able to browse the atlas also with a 360 controller and open a different experience - please can u also allow choosing how many experiences show in the atlas on one page - at the moment i see a grid of about 3 by 3 on 1940 by 1080 hdmi display ish as i recall and have to use the windows magnifier to get a better look at the atlas - my setup is on a tv accross the room - i would like to have the option to see one experience at a time and to use the cursor keys on a 360 controller to go back and forth through the experiences and then select the one i want - u could also allow the atlas to open ful screen and have a 2 by 2 grid as well 


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