Mandatory to OFFER DEMO on MP and thoughts.


While I Would like a marketplace that makes it mandatory to have to fill in, thumbnails of all the maps of items sold on MP,with poly count information, physics information, wireframe images and texture size information, I know this is never  going to happen.

So I request that Linden Lab provides a mandatory  LL made script to  install in all items sold on MP, that will automatically delete them from inventory after eg 1 hour period of time or even less, so for the buyer to verify that the object is PBR textured, and how it looks and how it behaves physically....maybe  wireframe mode on Sansar as well?!

It would also  be nice to know how many MB the object and the textures use. Could the script inside the demo do this too?!

I think that if items  are to be allowed to be listed then It must be mandatory for the creator to compile all the specifications of the item properly, in detailed form, accurate information in dedicated tabs.

The worse that can happen is that beginners will learn something, and  non beginners will not be capable to hide plagiarism.

This is why I also demand for Linden Lab to guarantee all purchases, as it is done for example in turbo squid, ONLY where if an Item is NOT precisely as  the seller declares, the client will be totally refunded and the seller will have to either update the information or have his item taken off MP.

Linden Lab should moderate MP and refund the buyer if He bought an Item in good faith and  what he was delivered with, does not have the specifications declared by the seller on Market place. It is a question of ethics that  has been for too long with its pain stakes disregarded.

Mandatory time bombed demos can certainly send  a clear message, and be helpful and encourage buying from one another!

That being said I have not  spend a single Sandex on MP this far and I am sure that all  those who uploaded things to sell on Market Place Sansar, will surely have uploaded really fantastic properly made and PBR, accurate physics ready stuff, but just a swift look at MP kind of tells Me in which bad quality direction this SHOP WINDOW, is headed into, and how it might unsatisfy My needs the day I will indeed need  to purchase something that I might want to integrate in a build.

The prices  look awesome, an I really hope that all Marketplace items will stay priced at a few cents as it is now, or not exceed 99 US cents in the future, so Sansar will become famous for being the greatest 3d content, 99 cent store in the world and attract lots of kids and teenagers while making parents happy!







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