Feature Request portion of the forum needs a robust search tool.

With 17+ pages of Feature Requests that each have 30 requests totaling more than 500 Feature Request posts, it is unproductive as creators to try to find previously requested features to add our clarifying input to the thread, or to vote it up or down. Redundant posts will diminish the usefulness of the forum. The 511 current requests (as of 9/14/2017) should be stripped of completed features and redundant requests should be divided into a minimum of two subgroups (categories) such as 1) visiting experiences and 2) Editing/Creating.  ---  Or, make a Feature Request Category for each of the applications/areas such as Atlas, People, Chat, Voice, Scripting, Inventory, Scene Settings, Attachments, Sansar Store... The list goes on.   ---   Even this request may be redundant but after 10 minutes of searching I felt that I had searched long enough before I submitted this post.


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