Sansar client slow, delete button not get enabled in edit.

Something is wrong with sansar today.
The problem already started with the first startup. The login button did not get active. while password and username where present. Closed the client and did a new start. it did take a few seconds now but i could login. Yesterday i got already problems with the atlas that did not appear.

Now i go into edit mode and want to delete my own script from inventory. But the delete button not enables. on my first 2 top left scripts. the 3rd one is object and there the button delete button get active.

Uploading new script. The new script i can delete. but on the other 2 script i lost permissions to delete them.

More research reveals that the problem only appears in the ALL tab. If i switch to created i can delete the 2 locked scripts. (only removed one for now)

ADD: It now locked again in edit mode Item 2 and 3 in inventory. In this case some teleport scripts.


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