Full optimization

Let people choose the quality of shadows. The choice between RGBA16_FLOAT and RGBA32_FLOAT for GBuffers, I know at RGBA16 normals buffer we get a quantization but it invisible on most objects. Remove please if you have D3DCOMPILE_DEBUG and D3DCOMPLE_SKIP_OPTIMIZATION at shader compile function. Please use Epic optimization of Shilick Fresnel function, dont use pow(2, blabla), use exp(blabla). Example: float3 Fresnel_UE4(float3 f0, float dotVH) { return f0 + (1 - f0) * exp((-5.55473*dotVH-6.98316)*dotVH); }

Use LUT where it possible. Let people choose the quality of antialiasing and make it possible to compile shader without the fog and other no-needed functions... use #ifdef FOG #else #elseif #endif

Also please let system know that if I didnt set a metalic texture - it means the material is static (currently it considering it as metalic).

Terrain work slow while editing... need a lot of optimizations. The menu is not fully visible at 4:3 display.

As I see - you are using Reinhard tonemaping... but it bad... please use ReinhardLum or something better.

Do you use deferred shading? I dont know) but need to use)

Also cant understand why Client app using one kernel of cpu fully when it minimized.. I think it should use 1-2% even if it maximized :)






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