How to detect if Coroutine is still used ?

How can i detect if a coroutine is still used ?
I just tried the script console (need to copy and paste errors red not readable.

And i did run out of coroutines once. I did expected something like that before. And tried to detect if it where still in use. I guess it get release and dropped after you do a return. like i asked before.

But there's a change that for some reason the routine get called double. Now it's easy fix if i can detect if it's still running. But how ? I need to search again, but get the feeling that sansar not have something implemented for that.

I think it's mabye one reason why turning sometimes go wrong.

ADD: i can trigger that error when i fly into the object. That's interesting ! It seems to crash the script or thread mabye to.

Setting fault on 'waypointClass' [2] : Sansar.Script.CoroutineException: Max coroutines met, cannot start addition coroutines


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