Global illumination testscene

Hi, I wanted to test GI in sansar and there is an old model often used for it, the
sponza atrium.
So I invested some time for it and adapted it as far as I could to sansar.
It needed some fixing in the materialsetup, the usual inversion of the spec maps and also converting the OpenGL normal maps by inverting the Y channel, because sansar seems to use +X-Y+Z normalmaps (DirectX), which makes it hard to work in blender, which uses OpenGL maps.
Also I generated a missing spec map for the curtains and a collisionmesh.
Luckily I seem not to have hit a limit in sansar in terms of polygons or materialscount.

I found it not easy to setup the light, there is only the directional light in the scene and I'm not completely satisfied with the result, but
I think it's ok for now. GI is set to best.

If you go through the doors you can get up (or down).

You can find it here




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