Bleak - Feedback Requests

Bleak is an exploration of some of the emotional impacts of homelessness set against an urban landscape inspired by some of the worst of 1960's urban planning. 


The goal is to make the visitor feel exposed and uncomfortable, alienated, trying to navigate a passively hostile environment. Short, spoken phrases around the lamp posts provide provide additional impact/reward, aiming to enhance the feelings provoked by the landscape, its scale and simple bleakness.

I'm aiming to extend building and walkways to give visitors some freedom to roam around the experience as they will, visiting the lamp posts in random order.  Some sort of online pilgrimage to find and reach all the lamp posts.  The messages on the upper blocks will be more 'exposed/blown away', while the ones for the lower cubes will be more 'despondent/despairing'.

Some of the steps seem a bit odd animation wise, and there seems to be some serious rubber banding if you go skydiving off of the high blocks.  The lamppost phrases should repeat every 30 seconds.

Looking for feedback on the idea and the implementation at the moment.

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