Inventory system and ability to rez items outside "edit scene"

Hi! I am just starting to explore Sansar and think about what kind of "experiences" I'd like to create here. Most ideas I came up with would require some kind of inventory system which would contain unique game items, that don't disappear after leaving the "experience". I suppose what I'm interested in making would be something that feels more akin to a game, not something you "experience." Then never come back to.

For example, you could visit an experience, kill a monster, and gain a rare mythical sword. You would want to be able to leave the experience and come back to it later with your new sword. There may be a separate experience (different level/map) you will want to take your sword to. You may even want to trade your sword with another player. I'm not sure how you would make any of this happen in Sansar.

Another example would be if you wanted to create virtual pets, that could be taken with you and rezed in different locations (dog parks, horse back riding trails, etc). Currently, you could create a pet object for the Sansar store that is scripted to roam around, which you could spawn as many times as you like in your own experience, but that feels pretty shallow.

I understand that each experience is meant to be its own self contained thing, and maybe a global inventory system like this is not on the radar, but I think it would add so much more potential to Sansar. Maybe there could be a cross-experience "in-game" mode inventory that is different from the one you use in "edit scene" mode.

(also, sorry for the book I just wrote)


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