Clockworks 2.0 scripts now available

You can now buy the Clockworks 2.0 scripts in the Store:


These are the scripts that power the Clockworks Club experience. There's nothing in there that you can't reproduce with your own custom control script. The club has only one.

I waited until I had a complete enough documentation website because this is admittedly a sophisticated system. You will need to create a script to at least configure your animated units. Every time the scene loads up from a first visitor arriving, your script will broadcast the configuration, like a recipe, to them and kick them off in their first animation. I've tried to document in full detail what is entailed in setting up Clockworks machines in your scenes.

My next step is to create a walk-through guide for users who just want to be baby-stepped through a series of concrete examples. Expect that to be done before this week is done.


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