Impossible to rotate a object smooth and stop at soem angle ?

I try to rotate a object that's moving smooth with SetLinearVelocity that works perfect ! Now i try to rotate the object with SetAngularVelocity. It need to be smooth or it makes you feel weird in VR. Now that is frustrating ! looking at it for days and if it rotates i cannot stop it. or in this case i never get it rotated because the detection to stop it kicks in before it start to rotate. And i get a bad feeling that sansar not like todo something correct. And i don't know the correct way. Hard rotation works perfect. But the smooth one seems to stop at soem point complete or never worked.

A C# command  that is doing that for you would be perfect.
Anyway, i tried different combinations and the rotation is done in separate corouting with SetAngularVelocity.

The reference input where the rotation need to stop is what the object properties give. It start to drive me nuts. and i have lot's of problems ahead. and before i can build i need a track system that some objects can follow.

In combination with the lock of a external script log window and chat that not support copy it make only things harder.

No building in sansar before i can make a railtrack !
It's the base i need to move further.


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