General UI Suggestions

Edit mode

  • Make dedicated Screenshot, Return to Atlas, Exit Sansar, Buttons along right side of window 
  • able to move the properties window around and size. 
  • copy/paste position,rotation, color, intensity; values to clipboard 
  • folder organization in inventory, using exising "all, purchased, created" tabs; allow to create custom tabs 
  • media preview if possible
  • Esc key closes windows that are open
  • Shift Drag creates duplicate
  • Double clicking an object allows it to be attached to the mouse again for surface snap alignment
  • Ctrl C, Ctrl V of selected objects 
  • Z to zoom and focus edit camera to selected object ( understand F focuses the object, but isn't very useful) 
  • Alt Middle mouse for Orbiting around object like F right click does, or document f rightclick
  • Bigger gizmo handles for moving objects, specific move,rotate, scale not all 3 on one gizmo
  • Select and align objects to their pivot points
  • Parent Child Hierarchy Linking


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