Dictionary where we can learn the definitions of the terms found in the Knowledge Base

As I search through the Sansar Knowledge Base to learn how to build and work with objects, there are a few terms (words) for which I would like to learn the context-specific meaning. At this time there may be only a few words like this for which I need to know the meaning, but other creators may have similar needs for entirely different terms.

One example is the word "Volume". I might infer after working with different panels or windows that the word "Volume" is a contraction of the term "Collision Volume". It may or may not take up space similar to the real world use of the word volume to describe the amount of 3D area or space occupied by a "thing". But I could also be total wrong and there may be more than one nuance for the word "Volume" other than the property of sound that we all know as volume used in the context of an audio emitter.

I will also recommend that the ideal documentation should include a link to the definition of these words when they are found in a Help Article, Knowledge Base Article, or Community Post.

I am asking for one of the documentation staff to put some effort into creating a dictionary that will inform us of the meaning of the terms used in the "Sansar Users Manual", the "Sansar Creators Manual", or the "Sansar Scriptors Manual". You may also find that you need to define a few words for the "Sansar Visitors Manual".

Please note. This is not a request for help on this one specific term that I mentioned. This is a broadly focused suggestion that the entire documentation of the Sansar Knowledge Base needs a Dictionary.


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