FBX animations - extra details

The next release is going to finally give us the ability to animate objects in our worlds.

  • Object Animations - Add animations to objects to bring them to life! Create them in Maya, StudioMax, or Blender and import them into Sansar.

So I have to ask - will we be able to list objects on the store with these animations built-in? I would like to, for example, offer a tree that comes with a built-in "idle" animation of the leaves rustling in the wind. Someone who buys the item would simply place the tree in their world and it would automatically start playing the idle animation, no setup needed. This would be really nice!

And even nicer would be some sort of animation selector that lets users choose from several animations built-in to the item, after they've placed it in their scene. There should also be a setting for animation speed for each object instance, as well as one for a time offset (to prevent all instances of the same item from animating perfectly in sync, which would look unrealistic).


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