Upcoming Script Features And Changes

There are a lot of script features and changes in this coming release, and many of them are fairly advanced and technical. Here is a quick overview. I'll be posting more detailed information for some of these in their own threads.

Note: All of these features are not yet released, but are planned for future release. As such they are subject to change or may not ship at all.

Trigger Volumes

A new item in System Objects used with scripts to get enter and exit events for an area in a scene.

VR controller APIs

Get the hand and HMD position and orientation for avatars in the scene that are using VR tracked gear. Additionally the tracking of hands has been updated so they can interact with Trigger Volumes.

Script Console

View script log messages in the Sansar client without a helper logging script or commands.

Cached APIs

Some APIs whose data does not change now have their instances or data cached. This should remove the largest case of Null Internal Reference errors.

Coalesced RigidBody Set/Add Methods

Extremely rapid calls to RigidBodyComponent Set* and Add* methods are coalesced into a single action under the hood for improved performance and stability.

Throttled APIs

Some APIs are now throttled to prevent abuse. Calls to a method that has hit the throttle will throw a ThrottledException. Only MessageAllUsers, SendChat and CreateCluster are currently throttled.

Coroutine Limit

Scripts are now limited to 32 coroutines at a time, per script.

Performance Improvements

Newly compiled scripts should have minor improved performance and memory impact. Some extreme cases may see significant improvement.

Coroutine Scheduling Improvements

Reduces how often coroutines will yield to other coroutines within the same script.


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