Let sansar switch the default playback device.

I thinked about this for a while.
My config is so that i turn the vive complete off and steamVR is never running. This to avoid audio problems.

Because SteamVR is switching as soon it start to playback device to the htc vive. Recording is staying correct to my sound card. But i notice that i need more and more VR and it's fun. But it's a big hassle before you can use it.

Now i still have not figure out the complete correct way what works best.

Request: If sansar would switch the playback device (and recorrding) to the correct custom configurable setting as soon you switch from Desktop mode to VR and back to the correct audio settings. Life get much more easy and i can keep steamVR running with the playback device just set to my sound card.

Best would be if this is completed with a manual option to switch audio playback device easy from within sansar. Yes , if HTC vive just would have used line-in and out plugs audio would be so much more simple.


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