My thoughts on having a productive scripting workflow


In a recent meetup, I brought up the question about an online script editor. I would like to expand on this to go over why I think having a productive scripting workflow is beneficial.

I am new to C# and Sansar API, so having some sort of tool/feature in-world that allows me to tinker with scripts, create my own scripts and test these scripts in the quickest manner helps me in understanding the language quicker.

I mostly have experience with JavaScript and a little bit of experience with C and C++. I have scripted in SL as well as Cloud Party. Both of these worlds offered a way for me to work with the syntax in-world and both have allowed me to quickly pickup and experiment with the language.

If I had to choose one, I would prefer Cloud Party's script editor the most. Mainly because it was a JavaScript-based custom API where I could take advantage of Chrome's Console Output and still be in-world to see the effects visually and log wise. There were some other great things about it but I won't go far into that.

It would be wonderful if Sansar had some sort of scripting workflow where I could quickly make changes to scripts and see the results in Scene mode (or Edit mode) WITHOUT having to build and visit it. It would also be helpful if I could see error and log information inside of some sort of dedicated Output window and not dump to chat (unless I intentionally wanted to) or look in Log files.

I think having a productive workflow is beneficial for allowing newcomers to more easily learn C# and the Sansar API. It is also beneficial in allowing people who have some familiarity to quickly trial and error (or prototype) their ideas and experiment with cool tricks in code. It becomes a sort of a teaching tool in itself.

I think the other bonus to having something in-world allows one to collaborate with someone using Sansar's scripting environment to teach them how to achieve their end result without the user having to worry about what they have installed on their machine or if their software setup isn't the same as the instructors.





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