Building, Skyboxes, Scripting - Tie it all together

We need an OFFICIAL explanation of the axis orientations that do not align with each other. A Skybox that is created based on the published Sansar Skybox template does not show the same axis orientation as the axis that we use to translate and rotate objects in edit mode.

The official Skybox template shows +Z as forward and "North". We use +Z as up when we build. That mismatch needs to be explained in OFFICIAL documentation.

While I do not do scripting that involves vectors, it is reported by other creators that those vectors are not oriented in a way that matches our building orientation.

Documenting this topic will reveal to Linden Lab the discrepancies. And if there are no plans to ever change these discrepancies, just be open and honest with us by telling us that this issue has no priority. Document how it is now and how it will remain for the foreseeable future.


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