VR mode in edit mode without edit enabled.

I still not see why you want to build in VR. It's just not working.

But VR in edit mode could be good to have a quick check on things. But.. as soon yo swithc into VR mode when your in the editor. Disaster strikes. things move. You have mor eproblems to move. My controller keeps rattling while it's laying on the floor when you check something on the desktop.

In other words. i like to have a VR mode that is switching you (just how you set it) to a spectator mode or edit mode.

So i can at least use VR in edit mode. Now it's better to everytime build the experience and then check it. with the side effect that you need to restore all the settings when coming back in edit mode.

ADD: It start to get annoying. I just noticed that switching between VR and desktop mode in edit is also resetting all your settings. So you need to disable this and that again. over and over and over. day after day. :( And the tools are already so nice reachable after the UI change, that makes it only harder.

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