I want to sit, lay and sleep

I want to sit, lay and sleep, yes.
I want lay, just sit and let my avatar sleeping.
This would be fantastic.

Some research proved that eventually mind, aside the brain itself, mind expands, and is so subtle begin to track avatar's polygon surface, like virtual bones do, so even when someone cross the polygon, the mind synapses begins to activate on those new virtual senses.

Default avatar gests way tired walking all the time.
We have chairs, we should sit and lay already.
Talking confortable, or just let avatar sleeping even while modelling can be invigorating. 
Watching the candle burn in the vulcanic inspiration place. :)

It seems they already have that much. I want it too.
I cannot stress enough, we really need at least some couple of animations, like sit on chair or around camp fire to talk and put Ideas on place.

"well I dont have sure I will talk, but be sure I will sleep inside, soo much."

Thank you


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