Sancrafter Blocks experience

I've spent a day making these assets and creating this experience as a bit of a test. I've not published anything on Sansar yet... just been playing with things.

This experience might be deleted (by Sansar) because.. well, ya know... it's probably breaching guidelines/copyrights / IP etc. but you might get to visit before it goes :-)

Everything in the scene is original - I made them all today and last night and they are in the store to download.

Like I say, I am just dabbling and I thought I'd share this experience with you good folk.

There's a link tunnel to another area and there's also a short mineshaft to find.

The area in this experience is designed to be duplicated to create as many areas as you want and the blocks (available in the store) can be used to build more areas etc.

Let me know what you think.





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