Lava Universe Inspiration, Mistery Floating stones, Strange Space Walk

Is my second time dealing with lava universe inspiration, doing a better work on terrain, and making more stones.

I thing is not very light, but repeating same stones, use same textures, and also a tiny house to sit and rest a bit.

Floating stones is not so big anymore, loading times where to long if the level is to big on my computer, I keep mountain only on lava land. 

I have implemented a green laser that points to a teleport place, that will be activated by Galen door script, as we approach, and some floating stones also use rotation free script. I made a modification on floating stone dynamic move script, by deactivating the auto-teleport, and trying to stop stones to rotate random excessively. 

Is not very polished implementation, but I did my best.
I have a couple of scripts to do, and make lava move.
But Im on my limit now.

Thank you all, and good work.

New picture on Lava land



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