Scalable Grafics and WaterMark: Under low profile settings, please upgrade your machine

"We know google search aimed towards most people.
Altavista had the elite Enterprises. Who remais on top today?"

Scalable grafics should let us reduce polygons, enforce lower resolutions for machines that fall behind the minimum requirements.

Anyone would be able to experience Sansar if we have a  watermark on avatar and somewhere in the screen with the notice:

"PC has lower settings than recomended, Please upgrade to higher PC for experience real grafics and eliminate this watermark.

This way, China, Brasil, where most PC's fall waaaay behind the minimum settings can be scaled down with lower resolution, and polygon count, and less effects,  according to memory amount and grafical capabilities that we can retrieve with DirectX capabilities programming from SDK itself

(the fist and essencial programming basis) of many if not all SDK.

So in those cases, watermarks would let people know that this video or captured screen does not account for real grafics experience on Sansar. and ALL people, I say, is easy to cranck down settigns so All people would be able to experience what Sansar is fundamentally, while not having enough money to buy a new computer, without damage the Sansar image..


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