Some things I'd like to see

Not sure if any of these are possible, indeed they might already be available here and in SL and/or both, but I thought I'd list some things that I think would really be great in Sansar:

1) switch a mesh to transparent - so we can add collision meshes using primitives rather than having to upload our own specially made collision meshes or use the original mesh a a collision. (update: can do this using the mash visibility tab)

2) Individual axis mesh scaling (I know that this one has already been asked and answered).

3) Link to other creator's experiences inside our own experiences.

4) Link items we want to sell to the store listing and vice versa - link in the store description to the experience.

5) nesting/grouping/parenting of objects so we don't end up with 1000 items in a long list in the scene editor. 

6) item/object search in the editor (today i was looking for an object in my inventory amongst 60 items. If I had an inventory of 1000 it would be a problem.

7) Ability to sell/buy real estate and to lock that real estate to only the buyer. this would be great if I wanted to create a village/town with properties available to buy and kit out. (I reckon this is already in SL but I don't play it so don't know).

8) Grid snapping for more accurate positioning of objects.

will add more suggestions as I think of them below...


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