Not really get excited from the sound. Weird problems.

Not really getting excited from the audio emitter

I tried cuboid and sphere.
Sphere you can only set to 100 meters.
The cuboid you can set bigger but with one cuboid it did sound wrong. i now have 2 that i did need to place further apart. but when am almost in the center i still hear one side not, unless i rotate my head a bit. while the sound need to be almost same loudness in both ears. Because the tight short fall-off rate you not get the right effect or can compensate for other problems.

Fall-off rate is wrong. If you place them to close to each other you get the strange mixing sound, If you place it to far apart you not hear one side when the other is loud.

Left / right is reacting strange. It's pulling to fast the sound away from the left ear as example.

The interference you can stop or lower by making the mono track stereo.

Same as with shadows, it's all much better in edit mode then in publish mode. It does sounds better in edit mode to. Still a bit lost and puzzling. but it's the second time now that edit mode is better then published one.


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