3rd party viewers and the lack of graphic settings

Many users can think that if Sansar having adjustable levels of graphics quality it shall be something good, but this is not a good idea because the actual lack of graphic details adjustments is what is forcing everybody to seeing all the things the same way, then when a creator is uploading a mesh model is expected that everybody seeing all the quality and details was added to the model, if the users having the same flexibility like on Second Life many of them will start reducing the graphic levels and decreasing the quality of the Experiences them are visiting. Another question is related to the development of 3rd party viewers, i think if LL having a clean, direct and easy Viewer, pretty like the actual Client, the creation of alternative viewers will not be necessary, never forgetting that the copybot feature and many griefer tools got introduced to Second Life through that alternative viewers due the high flexilibity and chance of anyone compiling a new viewer according their interests.  


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