Alas I cannot use Sansar :-(

I was so excited to learn about SANSAR and wanted to jump in and start creating experiences as soon as their doors opened. But alas, I have found that my PC is not at all happy when SANSAR editor is running. I can hear the fans and processor running at full pelt after a few minutes and after 10 minutes, if I don't exit SANSAR, my PC will just close down - no warning - just OFF and I have to restart the PC.

I can use the editor in 10-minute bursts but that's not a very good way to work. I assume it is simply a case of an inadequate PC on my part although I have read posts on these forums of other folk having similar problems.

For now, I want to be a part of SANSAR somehow so I will make some models for the store and hope that future builds of the SANSAR editor might eventually be a little less demanding on my poor old PC :-)

I love SANSAR and know it has a bright future.




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