New script set for "spells"

Tyler Scarborough suggested an interesting idea for how to do a "spell" in Sansar and I decided it was worth creating a product for. Here are the two scripts you will need:

The idea is that a user must physically pick up and carry the required objects ("ingredients") to a specific location, designated the "crucible". Optionally, the scene creator could require the user to utter (in chat) some specific text like "Open Sesame". When the ingredients are in place and the spell uttered, the crucible sends out the same signal as the "Floor sensor 1.1" script, which means it can be used to open a door, turn on a light, play a sound, etc.

Technically, the ingredient list is optional; you could just require the user to utter a spell to trigger the door/etc.

This is meant to be a plug-and-play way for scene designers to add simple puzzles to solve without having to write any script code. But there are a variety of important design considerations. First, picking up an object right now requires the user to be in VR mode, where chat is not visible. So if the user must chat something for the spell to work, they must leave VR mode. This is dubious, so use this with care. It's probably better to just go with either ingredients (VR orientation) or the chatted spell (desktop orientation) but not both.

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