Applications of Sansar for the physically very restricted

Let's think about doing some projects combining Sansar with probably some new controller types, such that those who are bedbound or mostly paralyyzed would be able to have a rich social & work life. There are many great examples of this,  to a certain level, with Second Life. Sansar and VR experience/controllers should make it possible to go to a much higher level.

Who has knowledge of, or interest in, identifying existing tech, or making new tech, to do this?

One example that comes to mind is something like the the mi.mu gloves http://mimugloves.com/, which can be programmed to put out signals equivalent to game or touch controllors. If that seems like a good direction, I can reach out to that team through my daughter, Kelly Snook, who has been involved with their creation and applications.

What about the controllers that are used by those in wheelchairs?   Could enable Stephen Hawkings, or others seriously physically restricted, to act in VR?

Maybe others have great ideas...





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