Rect selection. Some of my own afternight lava experience making Ideas.

* I miss RECT selection over many assets.  (like b in blender)

I see we have independent .exe for interact with sansar sandbox primitives.

I ask myself how far you can go? Let me show some Ideas:

* GRAB tool, to make lakes. Under the hood is just a non-proportitional scale with soft-selection. (works like mudbox modeling tool)

* EXTRUDE tool, wow :) ...Even simple one, even if that mess up with UVS, could create wide branch of new wonderfull experiences.

* Decals is something like a light projection, sorta I have been using with supersaturated lights in floating stones, but projecting textures overs surface.

It seems UE4 can implement this decals pretty well.
If a shader made use of decals, how much improvement over native texture animation, a projection would have? It would add to the experience.

Of course. looking for * texture animation, * transparency, * group objects as have already asked by people here and many more, and some simple bar trying to approach how much we are using from overall machine/server resources.





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