Spawn point and camera with a possible same position

First, one excerpt :


"The spawn point represents the exact location where visitors enter your scene. If you place more than one spawn point in the scene, visitors can potentially arrive at any of them, chosen at random:

Position - The location where visitors enter the scene.

Rotation - The direction visitors face when they enter the scene.

Scale - Has no effect."

I would love to choose a position for the pawn point and that will act not only on the position of the avatar but also influence the camera. In this way when someone come to visit, he will see exactly what you want visible at first glance.

For now, I only saw the avatar faces to the direction I want he looks at the scene, the camera stays by default at the spawn's default position.

I may imagine a box to tickle in the properties panel of the spawn point that permits to influence the camera in the same position that the avatar faces if needed. 


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