Ways to identify avatars and be alerted to incoming chat, etc.

It is difficult to identify which avatar is which when in an experience.  Some improvements in this area would be useful:

1. The chat tool icon in desktop mode does not give any indication that there is new activity, incoming friend requests, etc. Changing colour or briefly flashing would be useful when there is new activity since the chat tool was last opened.

2. Avatar names are not shown.  A way to toggle avatar name bubbles over avatar heads would help in Desktop and VR modes.

3. Some way to see who an avatar is by hovering the mouse or a controller over them would help.  And perhaps a way to ask them to be added as a friend.

4. The icon for Microphone and its hover label is a bit ambiguous.  Which is muted.  Especially of a user has issues in not being heard its not clear if you press a mic with line through to mute, or if that means its already muted.

5. As a separate issue, connecting a USB headset while Sansar was running led to the output being heard, but mic did not connect until Sansar was restarted. This can mean user if unsure if they are being heard.


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