Thoughts on subscription plans

The subscription plans are there. First thoughts and a small feedback.

Two major positive things:

1. Free plan with 3 experiences. Sounds good. 

2. A scene doesn't count as an experience. It's possible to keep the scene after downgrading. So it's possible to start building several scenes before building an experience with one of them.

In general I have to admit the plans are looking a bit surprising. I would expect more common marketing model where the more you buy the less you pay per item. Like, you buy 1 for $10, 2 for $18, five for $40. But with experiences it seems to be 5 for $9.99, 10 for $29.99 and 20 for $99.99. It doesn't make it appealing to step over (for me). The different support options don't seem to be appealing enough to affect my decision to choose a higher priced plan. I expect Sansar to work smooth enough so I don't need support often for evt. bugs.

My personal expectations of the support plans would be:

Free - 3 (5) experiences with e-mail support answered within 48 (72) hours, basic building pack (items available for free in the shop)

$5.99 - 5 experiences with e-mail support answered within 24 hours

$9.99 - 10 experiences, e-mail support answered within 12-24 hours, advanced building pack (or may be amount of credits to buy things monthly).

As extra options to :

Different support options for those who need

Extra experiences

Extra credits to get more items from the shop

Support that provides guidance in building an experience.




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