Sandboxed release candidate testing grounds

In the future it would be nice if we had access to test things before they land on the public facing side.

I'm thinking like a little check box on the My Experiences panel.

You could check a box named "Run this on the release candidate code base"

This way we can detect errors in the changes before exposing it to the public.

It is embarrassing to have the public come to visit your experience and you have to apologize for every interactive thing in there being broke due to a last minute release of code that you haven't had a chance to test against.

This will become paramount when people get large scale experiences up and running that are fully reliant on a fixed interface to the code base.

I believe SL has a similar concept of 4 separate channel releases that gradually become available to the main grid.

This would benefit the Lindens as well, we might detect issues they missed before many people see it.

A win win for both parties.



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