Secure Open Sandboxes

Actually we seeing on SL some very good sandboxes provided by LL, shall be something very attractive and useful if users having the same on Sansar, open Experiences to people uploading their stuff and hanging out with other users, but pretty like on SL we seeing that some public sandboxes are not so good or working so good this way, generally the big problem at the public sandboxes are famous for gathering high amounts of "griefers" or being constantly attacked is the lack of fast or instant moderation, we can imagine how hard can be to sending Lindens to be watching public sandboxes, but if in case LL is thinking to provide open places to people showing their creations and hanging out with others, it will need having a efficient way to stoping problems or even avoiding them.Public Experiences can be a excellent way to users showing their created stuff and discussing with others without all them moving to some Experience is allowing that socializing.


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