Experiences security

When the SL was developed nobody imagined that the simulator was reaching a so high flexibility to a point of allowing the common user to creating and using "bad scripts" to hitting other users and whole regions, we need be attent to the obvious, sooner or later there will be users trying to creating bad scripts meaning to hitting other users and Experiences (sims), i think the only way to Sansar not facing the same SL griefing problems and also fighting against all other sort of crimes and violations is working in what is related to the users identification, no more allowing "anonymous" users or ways to them easily creating accounts and specially alter accounts without LL knowing who is behind the account, in next working to make the Experiences "immune" to the scripts coming from outside, from another Experiences and specially attached to the avatars, pretty like on SL if a resident is wearing a object with a malicious scripts inside it will can run the script hitting other users and Experiences even if the objects entry or creation are disabled.

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