Store Options Collection

We collected 13 important "store-options" which should be implemented/allowed in this thread:



Despite the obvious ones I want to mention one which is not so obvious and very interesting directly here:


13. - Full-Perm Items: Sell only to people who have RL Account Information on their account

I often get asked if I would sell full perm but I decline because I am afraid people will (someday, e.g. when they leave SL) give out the full perm items for free (to friends who gives them to friends again or directly on a freebie market or reselling them..).

If people could only buy these items if they have their RL Data on account they would be much more careful to break a legal agreement.The inhibition threshold would be much much higher.
It would create trust for the merchants and a hurdle to misuse the full perm permissions for the user.

We need that as it is nearby impossible and economically unviable to prosecute such infringements as it is.  


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