Character Animations

Sansar needs character animations like in Second Life. Animations do bring interactivity and life to a static world. To animate means to give something a soul. Movement is life.

Make it similar to SL: we do not need more bones, use predefined hand gestures and facial expression, use a priority system (touch controller have the highest priority so you can take over the arm/hand movement of the animation).

We need an easy switch from 1. to 3. person view when “sitting on an animation” to avoid motion sickness. This could be an UI element which gets blended in when (or already before) your avatar gets animated.

People want to socialize, find friends, have fun, fool around, etc. You can not really socialize if you only stand around. One of my first projects would be a Pic-Nic Rug where you can eat crackers and drink sparkling wine while chilling with another avatar.

Roleplay is also very important, like in SL. Here we need character animations & animated NPCs too.

People will come to Sansar to socialize or to (role)play and not to walk around in "walking-simulators" or experiences where you cannot really interact/play/socialize with other humans.

To merge VR-Players with non-VR Players (2D Monitor-Players) we need animations that will animate the avatars of the 2D Monitor-Players as they cannot use touch controllers to move their hands/arms.


I reed somewhere that you are going to release the skeletal system or the avatars itself (like in SL) somewhen next. I just wanted to make the point again on how important animations will be - also in a VR world!


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