Put or howto get old settings bar back in edit mode.

Now that's a shocking unreadable choice. Really disapointed.

The new options bar top left is not improvement. It makes working with the editor only slower and harder. And why again so a tiny font ! the previous one where 100 times much better readable.

The old one you could keep open. so you can easy switch between rotation on/off etc.  If i do that now. It's covering the scene object window.

The color contrast total seems to be worse in edit mode.

Other mistake is the icons only now. There's nothing worse and harder to use then only icons. put text under it. That makes it faster to identify !

Try to find some settings back. that seems hard. could be the tiny bad colored font to. Really the old one where easy to use. but now it's extreme hard interface to work with. Am very sad.

ADD: Decided to stop using scene objects. did not used it to much anyway. mabye because it's not readable. So less conflict with the new menu.

But compared to the old much better menu this one is a screen blocker, because you need to keep visibilty open all the time to control translation / rotation and scale. why is that so hidden ?

<facepalm> arrgh, close scene object window is not a solution. because sansar does not remember that setting.

The good old layout, so much better. and less obstructive.
With a few small adjustments it would be perfect.

The menu font color need absolute set to white. Now i look at the old one.



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