Some changes to the edit mode gizmo

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get as intimate with the in world editor until participating in the latest contest.  After trying to manipulate things in world, I'd love to see a few fixes to the gizmo in order to improve work flow.

Add XY, ZY, and XZ manipulators:  Due to lack of orthographic views it would be nice to be able move an object on a plane, rather than being forced to nudge it constantly switching between the x and z handles for instance.  Max and Maya both have a right angle between each main axis manipulator that will move the object in both axis at the same time. 

Have an advanced gizmo mode: I understand that having rotation, translation, and scale all on the same gizmo could be very friendly to new users; I feel by default its not a bad idea to keep it that way.  With that said, I'd like to have something I can check to get more of a default SL, UE4, Maya, or Max sort of gizmo where you can only see either translate, rotate, or scale at a time.  If you're viewing an object from far away, the gizmo looks cluttered and its easy to select scale rather than manipulate as well as rotate and so forth.  I understand that you can switch off the other functions in the top menu... but to keep clicking up there gets tedious.  It would be nice if there was a hot key to switch between each function.  In UDK you tap the space bar to shuffle between each one.  Honestly, I like how SL switches when you hold down alt and control and such. 

Anyhow, thank you ahead of time for your consideration!


*Edit*- I can't spell.


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