Rotate and Random Script Woeville

I was working with the available scripts over the weekend, and I'm having lots of trouble.  

The rotate script. This is great, and I realize it's not one of the Sansar included scripts. Here's the problem - and I don't if it's just something I'm doing wrong:

I popped the script on to an object, then set up the parameters. Basically, I put in a simple z rotation with short hover. When testing the experience, the object worked as hoped. Now, after working on other parts of the experience, each time I go back to test, the rotated object has defaulted to a different area. It started inside of a house I built, but eventually moved around until it was outside getting stuck on trees.  Any ideas? 

The Random Object script. Nothing at all works for me. I put in the script, set dynamic on the object, fed it parameters, and nothing budges. 

Speaking of scripts..(as a non scripter), is there anything yet that allows you to trigger text on screen? 


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