Avatar and physics in edit mode. Experience owner only.

I still see good things in a split edit and publish mode. There also times that you wish it where just both combined in one.  But getting closer and closer to get my old work finished and improved where possible. But there's one proble that makes the process slow and clumsy.

Now you make something, you upload it. You can look at the physics shape. (need to do that more :O But to test and see how it looks, edit is not the place.
For that you need to switch into edit mode.

And that measn after you done everything above:

  • Switch to your test experience if your not there, that's already one problem you need extra experience only to test things in preview.
  • Save your experience.
  • Publish your experience
  • Wait until it's loaded.
  • so now you can look at it in preview and test physics etc.
  • Go back to edit mode and clicking many times the wrong button "Atlas" instead of edit. So another delay because it need to load the pages first before you can close it.
  • When your final in edit, you need to fly back to your object. edit not remember the last location. Then you need to switch other settings correct sometimes.

If you have done this 20 times or so it start to get boring and slow.
It also waste resources and bandwidth. It can also interfere with existing experience if it need to be done on a life one. And that means people need to reload the experience again ? makes it only worse construction.


Can we have in the scene the owner avatar in edit mode with physics. This need to be activated with a function key. Let's say F5 to toggle between camera and avatar mode.

If we can have avatar and walk around the creation like you would do after publishing the scene. It could save so much time and resources. It also gives less interuption to a live scene / eperience. Because then you can check your work in edit mode and test physics shapes. Without doing publish !

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